Policies & Procedures

Tours are available, circumstances permitting, by notifying personnel in the administrative office of Recreational Services. Groups may request a special tour by calling the office (404-413-1750) at least one week prior to their visit. All facility tours for non SRC members must be conducted by SRC staff.

If an injury occurs, please contact a member of the recreation staff immediately to assist with first aid and to document the incident.

The white emergency phones may also be used. These connect directly to the Equipment Issue Desk to provide assistance to users in an emergency. First aid supplies are available at the Equipment Issue Desk, the Service Counter, the Game Room, the Exercise Room, Touch the Earth, Aquatics Center, Omni Gym and the Administrative Office. All facility supervisors carry first-aid supplies. All participants are financially responsible for all expenses related to injuries and emergency care, including medical care and ambulance.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, alarms will sound throughout the facility. Recreation staff members or University personnel will provide users with evacuation instructions.

Fire alarms and extinguishers are located conspicuously throughout the facility. Do not use the elevator in an emergency. Users needing help to exit the building should use a white emergency phone or campus phone to call for assistance.

Call 404-413-2100.

Users assume a risk of injury or even death while participating in recreational activities. All participants are strongly urged to have regular medical check-ups and carry medical insurance coverage. All members and guests are required to sign a waiver.

Two elevators are located inside the turnstile area and access all floors of the building. Another elevator is accessible from the lobby and from the lower level entrance and only services the lower level and lobby level.

Georgia State University is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Do not bring valuables to the facility. The Lost & Found is located at the Equipment Issue Desk. All “non-valuable” items will be held for 30 days, and then discarded. “Valuable items” will be kept for one day, then turned over to the University Police, 404-413-2100. Always secure your belongings in a locked locker, even when in the shower. The recreation staff is not allowed to hold valuables for users.

Members of the Student Recreation Center who forget their PantherCard one time may access the facility after signing a misplaced ID waiver at the Service Counter. A fee of $5.00 will be charged anytime thereafter during the same semester when a member forgets their PantherCard and desires to access the building.

If someone other than the person represented on the card presents it for access to the SRC, the card will be confiscated. The entrance of both the true GSU PantherCard holder and the person using it falsely will have SRC privileges terminated until the cardholder has met with the Facility Coordinator.

Age Requirements

  • All children must be under the direct supervision of their parent or legal guardian.
  • Children 7 and under are allowed only in the leisure pool. The guest fee for guest children 7 years of age and younger is $3 per child.
  • Children ages 8 – 15 are allowed access to all areas except the Exercise Room and Free Weight area.
  • Children ages 16-18 are allowed access to all areas.
  • Children may only register for programs that are specifically noted as being for children.
  • ID cards for children will be prepared at the Service Counter. Parents must present the ID card for entry.
  • The parent or legal guardian of any child younger than 18 will be required to execute the on-line waiver for the child.

The use of abusive or profane language will not be tolerated. Clothing that expresses any profane and/or bigoted messages will not be allowed. The SRC staff reserves the right to address any witnessed or reported concerns related to conduct.

Personal Trainers, Coaches and Instructors
Only SRC staff, in the course of their university employment, may provide personal training, sport/fitness instruction and/or coaching in the Student Recreation Center. Failure to observe this policy or attempts to circumvent it may result in university sanctions, including loss of privilege to use the Student Recreation Center for both the person receiving instruction and the person giving instruction.

Food and Beverages
Food and beverages in plastic containers are permitted in the lobby, vending area, and outside pool deck area. Water only in a container with a screw-top is allowed in the Game Room. Plastic water bottles with a secured lid or squirt spout may be used in workout areas and the pool area. Food, glass bottles and soda cans are prohibited in any workout area. Please dispose of any litter properly.

Tobacco, Drugs and Alcohol
Tobacco use in any form is prohibited in all recreational facilities. Use of drugs and alcohol is prohibited.

Easel Poster Display
An easel display area in the Student Recreation Center lobby is available for use by chartered student organizations and university departments for larger displays promoting university activities and events. The easel display area is located along the railing next to the television. The walkway leading to the emergency exit should not be obstructed.

  • This space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Easel display space is reserved for one week from Monday to Monday unless it is time-sensitive. Materials must be removed no later than 11:00 a.m. Monday at the conclusion of the reservation period. For time-sensitive materials, the poster must be removed after the event by 11:00 a.m.on the following business day.
    • Examples:
      • If an organization has a general promotional item displayed beginning Monday, they must have their items removed by the following Monday at 11:00 a.m.
      • If an organization is advertising for a specific event such as Panther Prowl on a Thursday night, they must have their items removed by the next day at 11:00 a.m.
  • Only one poster, per organization may be displayed.
  • Easels will not be provided.
  • Recreational staff will remove ALL expired promotional posters by NOON. Those who fail to retrieve promotional items must meet with Sabra Blackwell in Suite 200 to recover items. Please note, posters may be discarded.

For more information and/or to set up reservations, please contact Sabra Blackwell at sblackwell4@gsu.edu or 404-413-1757.

Bicycles, Skateboards, In-Line Skates, Roller Skates
Bicycles are not allowed inside the SRC. Roller skates, skateboards, and in-line skates may not be worn or used inside the SRC.

Cell Phone
Cell phone use is not allowed in the locker rooms, Exercise Room or free weight areas, except in case of extreme emergency. Please be considerate of your fellow SRC users. Use of cameras are prohibited in the locker rooms.

Pets and Animals
No pets or animals of any kind are allowed inside the SRC with the exception of seeing eye dogs or working companion dogs for individuals who have a disability.

Any filming or photography in the Student Recreation Center must be pre-approved by the Assistant Director of Operations.

Medical clearance is recommended for men over 45, women over 55 and individuals of any age who have two or more of the following risk factors: diagnosed hypertension, blood pressure of 140/90 or greater, total cholesterol greater than 200mg/dl or HDL of 35mg/dl or lower, smoke cigarettes, impaired fasting glucose, obesity, a family history of heart disease or a sedentary lifestyle. Medical clearance is also strongly recommended for persons with cardiovascular, pulmonary or metabolic disease.

You are encouraged to register for our free equipment orientation, Learn 2 Lift.

  1. No tank tops, bare abdominal area and/or back, jeans or slacks with rivets or zippers; no belts; no opened-toed shoes, non-athletic shoes or slick soled shoes.  These clothing policies are in effect for personal safety and protection of the equipment.
  2. Users are responsible for wiping sweat off of the equipment. Each user may bring his/her own towel, purchase a GSU workout towel, or use the paper towels in dispensers located in the workout area. Gym Wipes are located throughout each area to disinfect machines after each use. You are encouraged to clean each machine pre and post use.
  3. No chewing gum, tobacco, or food allowed. Beverages are only permitted if contained in a plastic sports bottle with a secured top.
  4. Book bags, workout bags, pocketbooks and books are to be secured in a rented or day use locker or cubby.
  5. Please report broken equipment to the Information Desk inside the Exercise Room.
  6. Exercise Room staff will provide general equipment orientations only. See the Fitness Center staff for fitness assessment, exercise prescriptions, and personal training.
  7. Only SRC staff, in the course of their university employment, may provide personal training,  sport/fitness instruction and/or coaching in the Student Recreation Center.
  8. Users must return bars/weights to their proper storage racks.
  9. Weight belts are not allowed on exercise equipment if the buckle makes contact with the upholstery.
  10. You must allow others waiting for the machine to work into your rotation.
  11. Slamming or dropping weight stacks, plates, or dumbbells is prohibited.
  12. Spotters should be utilized when excessive weight is lifted over body.
  13. Spring collars are required on all barbells.
  14. No chalk.
  15. Dropping of dumbbells is only permitted in matted areas providing the user drops in a controlled manner so that the dumbbell would not injure another person or equipment.
  16. Dropping of a barbell or a barbell with weights is not permitted anywhere.
  17. Cell phone use whether talking or texting is prohibited except in cases of emergency. Patrons talking on their cell phones while in the Exercise Room or Free Weight Area will be asked to move to the lobby or stairwell area until their conversation is over.  Please respect your fellow patrons.
  18. No person under the age of 16 may be in either of these areas.

Main Gymnasium 

  1. Non-marking tennis or basketball shoes are required.
  2. Shirts are required.
  3. Abuse of the facility is prohibited (hanging on the rims, etc.) and abusers will be responsible for damage.

Omni Gymnasium

  1. The Omni Gymnasium is available for open recreation as long as there are no standing reservations for the gym (club, intramural or clinic use).
  2. For badminton and volleyball set-ups, contact a Facility Supervisor via the Service Counter or Equipment Issue Desk.  A minimum of 4 patrons are required for volleyball set-up.
  3. Indoor soccer balls only, no rubber/vinyl outdoor balls allowed for indoor soccer play.
  4. Spectators should enter the gym through the hallway entrance located past the gym doors.
  5. Abuse of the facility is prohibited and abusers will be responsible for damage.
  6. Non-marking athletic shoes are required.

The lobby is for the exclusive use of Georgia State University students, faculty, staff, SRC members, and their sponsored guests. This main concourse is the primary entrance to and exit from the activity areas of the SRC. Use of any other exterior door is prohibited and will activate an alarm system. Use of the email stations is limited to 10 minutes per person per session while others are waiting. The Facilities Coordinator must approve use of the lobby area for special displays, posters or flyers.  The lobby may be RESERVED for approved university events.

  • For safety considerations, classes may be limited based on space and the availability of equipment.
  • Patrons must be at least 16 years of age to participate in fitness classe.
  • Instructional clinic registration is limited to current students and fac/staff/grad members.
  • Participants entering a class after its scheduled start time are responsible for warm up and a cool down if they choose to leave before class has ended.
  • Closed toe exercise shoes are required for Fitness Classes
  • Stereo use and closet access is limited to current instructors.
  • No chewing gum while participating in class.
  • No food or beverages allowed in the studios, except water in closed plastic containers.
  • In order to maximize space and ensure safety, participants are encouraged to store personal belongings in one of the secured locker areas.
  • Appropriate class attire is required at all times, including proper shoes and gear. Attire requirements may differ per class. Shoes and/or gear that leave marks on the floor are NOT permitted. Shoes are NOT permitted in the Martial Arts Studio.
  • For the comfort and safety of participants, a towel and water bottle is highly recommended for group fitness classes.
  • No cell phones are to be used inside of studios during class instruction.
  • The instructor reserves the right to ask a participant to leave for refusal to follow these policies.
  • Participants are encouraged to use cleaning towels to wipe down equipment pre and post use.
  • Participants must adhere to all other published SRC policies

Track spikes are prohibited. Activity direction will change each day. Out of courtesy to other runners on the track, do not reset the pace clock unless you are the only person on the track.  Slower walkers and joggers should move to the outside of the track.

Lap and Leisure Pools

  1. The Aquatic Center closes 15 minutes prior to building closing.
  2. Health regulations require showers before entering the pool/spa/sauna and after use of toilet.
  3. You must be at least 13 years of age to use the spa/sauna.
  4. You must be at least 8 years of age to use the lap pool.
  5. Swimming aids are restricted to eye goggles, leg buoys, and kickboards.
  6. Only Coast Guard approved flotation devices are allowed. Non-coast guard approved flotation devices are prohibited (i.e., water wings, inner tubes, etc.).
  7. Persons with severe cuts, open sores, rashes, skin eruptions, or known communicable diseases are not permitted in the pools or spa.
  8. There is a 10 minute time limit in the spa/sauna.
  9. Spa/Sauna clothing must be swim attire; no long sleeve or long pants
  10. Pool/Spa/Sauna use is not allowed without a lifeguard on deck.
  11. All children must be accompanied by parent/supervising adult at all times.
  12. Prolonged underwater swimming (more than 15 seconds) is prohibited.
  13. Infants are required to wear plastic pants or swim diapers in the pool.
  14. No diving in water less than 12 feet deep.
  15. No pushing, shoving or horseplay.
  16. No chewing gum, food, or drink.  No tobacco use.
  17. Non-swimmers should not use deep-water area.

Membership Eligibility
1. Membership is limited to currently enrolled students and Recreation members.  Current individual membership or family membership to the Georgia State University Student Recreation Center includes membership to the ICRA pool.
2. Immediate family members of individuals who are eligible members include: spouse/domestic partner, parents, dependent children and siblings.
3. Members are permitted to bring up to four guests per visit at a cost of $3 per guest per visit. Non Recreation Member GSU Faculty/Staff may use the pool at a cost of $3 per entry.

1. All members are required to show PantherCard to access the ICRA pool.
2. All users (members, family and guests) of the ICRA pool are required to follow all rules, policies and procedures of Georgia State University and the ICRA. Failure to comply may result in immediate revocation of membership. Members are responsible for the behavior and actions of their family and guests.
3. All users (members, family and guests) of the ICRA pool must read and sign a release/waiver.
4. Minors (persons 18 years or younger) must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.


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