Recreation Staff


Administrative Office 404-413-1750
Aquatics Office 404-413-1775
Equipment Issue Desk 404-413-1770
Fax 404-413-1768
Fitness Testing 404-413-1779
Game Room 404-413-1777
Indian Creek Pool 404-413-4272
Intramural Sports Office 404-413-1765
Membership 404-413-1753
Service Counter 404-413-1780
Sport Clubs Office 404-413-1764
Outdoor Trips/Rental Desk 404-413-1772

Instructional Programs Coordinator
Belcher, Stephanie 404-413-1793
Facilities Coordinator
Blackwell, Sabra 404-413-1757
Associate Director: Programs
Buchheit, Melissa 404-413-1778
Facility Coordinator: Off Campus/ Pool Operator
Dobbs, Julie 404-413-1761
Assistant Director: Fitness
Dotts, Caroline 404-413-1774
Guyton, Debra 404-413-1759
Assistant Director: Intramurals
Hudgins, Andy 404-413-1765
Public Relations Specialist
Moss, Judi 404-413-1754
Aquatics Coordinator
Penn, Adam 404-413-1775
Assistant Director: Operations
Toberg, Kacy 404-413-1767
Outdoor Coordinator
Tortorige, Carson 404-413-1773
Sport Clubs Coordinator
Verdin, Ty 404-413-1764
Customer Service Representative
Webb, Brenda 404-413-1753
Business Manager
Weipert, Danny 404-413-1758
Indian Creek Recreation Area Coordinator
Whitney, Ellen 404-413-1794
Assistant Director: Facilities
Wilbanks, Allen 404-413-1760


If you should experience problems completing and/or submitting your form, please contact Melissa Buchheit at 404-413-1778 or for assistance.


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    #FREE fitness classes today: HIIT, Cycle, Ab Blast, Cardio Sculpt, Step, Panther Pump, and Zumba! Come get your #FREE fitness in today! #SRC

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    Good morning Panthers!!

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  • GSURecreation

    Unifying Georgia State University & Atlanta with Bikes is Friday, November 7 from 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m. at 25 Park Place, Conference Room 12!

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    Check out “Uniforms for Sport Clubs” Crowd Funding video:

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    #FREE fitness classes left today: Zumba, Cycle, Kickbox, Pilates, Cardio Sculpt, and Ab Blast! Get your #FREE workout in today! #RainOrShine

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    Good morning Panthers!

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    Reminder: The Aquatic Center will be closed for maintenance November 23 - January 11th.

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    Coming soon: On November 12th is the Dance Show Extravaganza! The dance clinic participants will be showcasing everything they learned!

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