Rec Center

Climbing Wall & Bouldering Cave

Try climbing anytime!  No certification required.  Bring your PantherCard –  all equipment provided.  PantherCard also needed to check out climbing shoes at the Equipment Desk.  Please, no bags in the wall.

Bouldering Cave
The Bouldering Cave provides challenges to meet the needs of both beginning and experienced rock climbers in a no ropes bouldering format.

The Cave has a variety of vertical and horizontal, overhanging terrain to challenge anyone. It is located in the Student Recreation Center, lower level, across from Racquetball court 4 and adjacent to the Climbing Wall.

The Cave is open during normal Climbing Wall hours. Users are asked to check in with the Climbing Wall attendant and are able to check out shoes.

Certification Clinics
Learn belay skills, policies and procedures in this two hour clinic. Then pass a written and practical test to be certified for one year. Register at the Outdoor Equipment Rental Center at least 24 hours in advance or in the wall when open.
Clinics:  Tuesdays, 7 – 9 p.m.; Fridays, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
One time cost:  $2, $4 & $6
Limit: 8 (minimum 2)

Certification Challenge
Experienced climbers may take the written and practical tests without going through the clinic. Pass all skills to be certified for one year. You must take the full certification clinic if you do not pass the tests. Challenges are by appointment only.
One time cost:  $2, $2 & $6

Certification Renewal
Renew your certification by demonstrating practical skills to the on duty climbing wall supervisor. Sign the Climbing Wall Agreement then you are set for another year. No cost!

Kids Climb
Children ages eight to 16 may use the Climbing Wall when supervised and belayed by a certified parent or guardian.

Lead Climbing
Experienced climbers may lead climb routes during normal hours. You must follow the designated lead route which is changed periodically by certified staff. Attend a Lead Climbing Certification Clinic to certify or challenge out. You must be belay certified for at least six months or prove significant experience. See climbing wall supervisor for details.


  • The Climbing Wall is available for use by currently certified Georgia State students and other certified members of the Student Recreation Center and their sponsored guests at no charge. Children between ages eight to 16 may use the climbing wall only when accompanied by a certified adult. Your PantherCard must be presented prior to each use.
  • Persons who belay must successfully complete a written and practical test and sign the Climbing Wall Belay Use Agreement. Certification is good for one year. There is no charge for re-certification.
  • All climbers must wear shirt and proper shoes while climbing & bouldering – climbing shoes, athletic shoes, water shoes and tennis shoes only on the wall – no street shoes or hiking boots. A limited supply of climbing shoes are available for use while on the wall.
  • No food is allowed in the Climbing Wall area. Only drinks in closed containers are allowed.
  • Personal equipment is not allowed in the climbing wall area except for shoes, harnesses, and chalk bags. The following is available: shoes, harnesses, helmets, ropes and all hardware. Use of helmets is recommended.
  • On the wall, when bouldering, no hands are allowed above the third panel & bouldering line. Bouldering is not ever allowed under a climber.
  • Only a figure eight follow through knot is to be used to tie into the belay rope. No gri-gris may be used for belay.
  • Proper verbal commands are required
  • Climbers should not make contact with the suspended lights in the room or the windows and window sills.
  • Loose chalk is not allowed. Climbers may use chalk balls or liquid chalk.
  • All problems should be reported to and handled by the on duty supervisor or instructor. Only on duty staff, instructors and route setters may change anything on the wall when the wall is closed.


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