Outdoor Equipment Rental

Hours of Operation
January 7 – April 27: Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
April 28 – June 5: Monday – Friday, 12 – 5 p.m.

Equipment must be picked up and returned during the above hours.

Closures and Special Rental Deals
Closed January 19: free day
Closed March 14 – 22: 4 day charge
Closed May 25: free day

Parking for Loading and Unloading
A voucher will be provided by the parking attendant upon arrival. The voucher will need to be validated by TTE personnel in order to exit the parking lot. Parking is for 20 minutes. Park in the space marked “Touch the Earth”.  No parking on sidewalk. Call 404-413-1772.

Rental Policies

  1. Rental equipment is available for checkout to current students, faculty and staff. graduates must be members of the Student Recreation Center to enjoy this service! You must present your Panther ID card.
  2. A $20 deposit must be left for any reservation. Full payment for equipment must be made when the equipment is picked up.
  3. Deposit will be forfeited if reservation is not cancelled by 5 p.m. on scheduled day of pickup.
  4. Advance reservations must be made in person.
  5. A Friday-Monday rental is assessed a two-day charge.
  6. A $1 per item per day late fee is charged in addition to the daily rental fee. Exception: Bikes are charged $20 per day.
  7. Additional charges will apply for any equipment returned wet and/or dirty (i.e. tents and stoves).
  8. Payment by cash, check or Panther Cash.
  9. Deposits may be held overnite for equipment needing inspection if equipment is returned after 5:30 p.m.
  10. Upon return all tents will receive a full set up inspection

Cost categories are as follows: students/ faculty, staff, and recreation members

Item Price per Day ($) Limit per Person
Commuter Bike*** FREE 1
Tent (six-person) 5/6 2
Tent (four-person) 4/5 2
Tent (one/two-person) 3/4 2
Backpack w/ cover (internal or external frame) 3/4 4
Sleeping Bag 3/4 10
Ensolite Pad 2/3 10
Cook Kit (backpack or family) 2/3 4
Tarp (10′x10′ or larger) 2/3 4
Backpack Stove** 3/4 4
2-Burner Stove** 4/6 4
Lantern ** 4/6 4
Water Bottle 1/2 10
Poncho 1/2 10
Cooler 3/4 2
Whitewater Canoe* 20/25 1
Flatwater Canoe 10/12 1
Whitewater kayak* 12/15 1
Recreational kayak (sit on top or sit in) 8/10 2
Touring Kayak* 12/15 1
Car Kit 2/3 1
Wetsuit-Farmer John/Farmer Jane 4/5 4
Crash Pad 5/7 2
Camp/canoe seat 2/3 4

*NOTE: Requires completion of Touch the Earth clinic or school and permission from the outdoor recreation coordinator. Call 404-413-1773 one week in advance.

**Customers will receive a stove or lantern with a previously used fuel canister and a new canister at no additional charge.

***Rental period up to three consecutive days maximum. Helmet, lock, and lamps provided. Late fee – $20/day.