American Whitewater Association
An excellent source of data for locating boatable rivers as well as navigation and access information on each. Additionally, AW is a solid source for information and history surrounding riparian policy and access issues.

Boater Talk
A community run website featuring forums on equipment, techniques and paddling locations. Also features a robust classifieds section for used gear. Primary focus is on whitewater, with other sections for surf and sea kayaking.

Eddy Flower
Focusing primarily on whitewater kayaking, Eddy Flower has a robust catalog of boats and gear to compare and contrast. An excellent source for finding out more information about a future boat purchase. River information section is still in development.

C Boats
Geared towards the open boat or canoe enthusiast, C Boats is an online community featuring info and resources for canoe selection, repair and techniques.

AAA State of Play

Rock-climbing appeals to many people, offering exhilarating challenges and enjoyable physical activity. Not only can you experience a rugged environment in its natural condition, but you can scale heights you may have never dreamed of conquering. With instruction and practice, people of all ages and fitness levels can rock-climb safely.

Rock Climbing
A robust and comprehensive assemblage of photos, user reviewed information on routes and locations as well as articles on technique, training and equipment. is one of the largest online communities for climbers of all disciplines.

Designed as a resource for finding and submitting information on routes all around the country, Supertopo features beta (that’s climbing lingo for information about a climb) and down-loadable “topos” (maps of climbing areas and route diagrams) for many of the country’s popular climbing destinations.

Mountain Project
Encompassing data for both face climbing and mountaineering, Mountain Project is a wealth of user submitted knowledge and information on climbing areas around the country and around the world.

Climbing Weather
Want to know whether to pack a poncho on your upcoming trip to the crag? Check Climbing Weather for a forecast on all your favorite climbing destinations.

So you’re ready to leave the campground behind and make the leap to bona fide backpacker. No crowds, no nightly fees, and miles upon miles of wild, open country… What’s not to love? Loading up the overnight pack, leaving the car far behind, and carrying everything you need on your back all up the ante from your standard day hike, but with a little planning and preparation, you’ll be set for some of the most memorable outdoor experiences of your life.

Backpacking Light
A magazine as well as an online community, Backpacking Light is a great resource for those looking to shed ounces in their packs. Reviews and a robust and active forum community offer loads of information on off-the-shelf products and DIY projects for the handy hiker.

Sierra Club
Founded in 1892 by Yosemite advocate John Muir, the Sierra Club has long been a pillar of advocacy for the wild areas of North America. Their website is a superb resource for information and news on resource access and preservation issues. Sierra Club also offers opportunities to hit the trail with other members on club organized hikes.

International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA)
A non-profit, public-supported organization. Promotes mountain bicycling opportunities that are environmentally responsible.


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