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Posted On August 28, 2017
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Georgia State University Department of Recreational Services offers a wide variety of recreational, sport, and fitness activities. We encourage you to browse our web site for the current semester program offerings.

Exercising may cause conditions such as dizziness, light-headedness, disorientation, exhaustion or other signs/symptoms that put the exerciser at risk. If you experience any of these signs/symptoms, you should cease exercising immediately and contact a Recreational Services staff member.

Mission Statement
The Department of Recreational Services promotes healthy life-styles through exceptional recreational programs, services, and facilities.

Vision Statement
The Department of Recreational Services will be the leader in recreational programs among urban universities serving a diverse student body.

Former University President Carl V. Patton appointed a task force in the spring of 1994 to investigate the feasibility of building a student recreation center at Georgia State University. The students, faculty and staff members of the task force spent the spring and summer soliciting information from other universities about the impact, magnitude, costs, and contents of such centers. The group focused on urban university comparisons. They collected floor plans, photos, statistics, and fee information. The combination of their hard work and dedication played a significant role in planning the facility and establishing its policies. Student employees serve in a variety of capacities. A full-time professional staff supervises all recreation programs, services, and facilities.

Assumption of Risk
Users assume a risk of injury or even death while participating in recreational activities. All participants are strongly urged to have regular medical check-ups and carry medical insurance coverage. All members and guests are required to sign a waiver.

Important Phone Numbers

Administrative Office 404-413-1750 Indian Creek Pool 404-413-4272
Aquatics Office 404-413-1775 Intramural Sports Office 404-413-1924
Equipment Issue Desk 404-413-1770 Membership 404-413-1753
Fax 404-413-1768 Outdoor Trips & Rental Desk 404-413-1772
Fitness Center 404-413-1779 Service Counter 404-413-1780
Game Room 404-413-1777 Sport Clubs Office 404-413-1764
Indian Creek Lodge 404-413-1794

The SRC is a four-level 161,000 sq. ft. recreational facility.

Lower Level

  • Equipment Issue Desk
  • Four racquetball courts (with two optional wallyball courts)
  • Free Weight Area
  • 35 ft. Climbing Wall and Bouldering Cave
  • Aquatic Center: aquatics training room, dry sauna, lap pool, leisure pool, and spa
  • Unisex changing room (accessible for patrons with disabilities)
  • Men’s and Women’s locker rooms
  • Restrooms
  • Touch the Earth - Outdoor Equipment Rental Center (accessible from outside building on the back side)
  • AED

First Level (Lobby Level)
The main entrance is located on Piedmont Avenue across from the Student Center.

  • Charging stations
  • Television
  • Vending machines
  • Sitting areas
  • Service Counter
  • Exercise Room
  • Fitness Center
  • Game Room
  • Restrooms
  • AED

Second Level

  • Administrative Offices
  • Aerobics/Dance Studio
  • Martial Arts Studio
  • Studio B
  • Main Gym, four basketball & volleyball courts with spectator seating
  • Restrooms
  • AED

Third Level

  • Omni Gym
  • Elevated 1/8 mile running track with stretching area
  • Restrooms
  • AED

  • All children must be with their parent or guardian at all times.
  • Children ages 7 years and younger are only allowed access to the leisure pool.
  • Children ages 8-15 are allowed access to all areas except the Exercise Room, Free Weight Area, and the Studios
  • Children ages 16-17 are allowed access to all areas.
Cycles, scooters, hoverboards, and similar devices are not allowed inside the SRC. Skates and skateboards may not be worn or used inside the SRC.
Please be considerate of your fellow patrons. Disrupting programs or patrons utilizing our facilities or services with loud music or loud talking is prohibited.
Staff reserve the right to make the final decision on what is appropriate and safe. The policies, procedures, and guidelines listed are in effect for the protection of the facility, equipment, or patron.

  • Shirts that cover the chest are required, except in the Aquatic Center.
  • Shorts must be long enough to cover buttocks.
  • Clothing, belts, or shoes with exposed metal are prohibited. Weightlifting belts are not allowed to be worn while on the upholstered equipment.
  • Shoes are required, except in the aquatic center and any spaces with wood floors, with limitations. Shoes are prohibited in the martial arts studio. In the gyms, racquetball courts, track, Free Weight Area, and Exercise Room, shoes must have a sole that grips, covers the toes, heel, forefoot and midfoot and must not damage or mark the floor or equipment. Shoes athletic in nature are recommended. The following types of shoes are prohibited on our wood floors (gyms, studios and racquetball courts): tap shoes, boots, sandals, dress shoes and heels. Shoes may be removed while on wood floors as dictated by the activity (dancing or yoga, for example).
  • In the studios, appropriate attire is dictated by the activity, however, shoes or gear that damage the floor or equipment are prohibited.
  • In the Aquatic Center, bathers must wear appropriate swim attire. Sauna suits, sweat shirts/pants, long sleeved shirts, socks, thongs (when more than 50% of the buttocks are uncovered), closed toed street shoes, denim, and frayed clothing are prohibited. Breathable swim attire is recommended. Children not trained are required to wear swim diapers with elastic gathers in the pools.

Recreational Services staff reserves the right to address any witnessed or reported concerns related to conduct or disruptive behavior. Disruptive behavior is not allowed and may result in membership suspension or termination.

Patrons participating in any program or utilizing any facility or service offered by Recreational Services are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and appropriate manner; any patron violating this expectation subjects themselves to membership suspension or termination, or discontinuation of service or program. See the below list of prohibited general conduct:

  • Conduct which is obscene or indecent.
  • Disrupting or obstructing a program or patrons utilizing the facilities or services.
  • Harassing any patron or staff during a program, in our facilities, or utilizing our services through unwanted conduct that causes reasonable fear for safety (e.g. stalking) or is sufficiently severe, pervasive and persistent that it interferes with the person’s University employment or ability to participate in or benefit from University programs, services, or facilities.
  • Threatening physical abuse, intimidation, coercion, retaliation or conduct which threatens the health or safety of others.
  • Physical abuse, intimidation, coercion or other conduct which endangers the health or safety of others.

Campus Carry and House Bill 280
The Campus Carry legislation allows anyone properly licensed in the state of Georgia to carry a handgun in a concealed manner on university property with noted exceptions. Information about the law can be found at safety.gsu.edu/campus-carry. It is the responsibility of the license holder to know the law. Failure to do so may result in a misdemeanor charge and may violate the Georgia State Student Code of Conduct or Employee Handbook.

To request disability accommodations, please contact the Access & Accommodations Center at https://access.gsu.edu/.
Two elevators are located inside the turnstile area and access all floors of the building. Another elevator is accessible from the lobby and from the lower level entrance and only services the lower level entrance and lobby level.
In the event of a fire or other emergency, alarms will sound throughout the facility. Recreation staff members or University personnel will provide users with evacuation instructions. Do not use the elevator in an emergency. Users needing help to exit the building should notify a recreation staff member or use a white emergency phone to call for assistance. Fire alarms and extinguishers are located throughout the facility.
Food and beverages in plastic containers are permitted in the lobby, vending area, and outside pool deck area. Water only in a plastic container with a secured lid or squirt spout is allowed in the Game Room. Plastic bottles with a secured lid or squirt spout may be used in workout areas and the pool area. Food, glass bottles and soda cans are prohibited inside the turnstiles. Please dispose of any litter properly. Recycling containers are located on every level of the SRC.
Hours will vary during semester breaks and between semesters. Hours may change based on usage and the needs of the Georgia State University community. Refer to our home page for current semester hours. The Student Recreation Center will be closed one week for annual maintenance in August.
Call 404-413-2100 or visit www.gsu.edu for an update on University closings.
If an injury occurs, please contact a member of the recreation staff immediately to assist with first aid and to document the incident. White emergency phones may also be used. These connect directly to the Equipment Issue Desk to provide assistance to users in an emergency. First aid supplies are available at the Equipment Issue Desk, the Service Counter, the Game Room, the Exercise Room, Touch the Earth, Aquatics Center, and the Administrative Office. All facility supervisors carry first-aid supplies. All participants are financially responsible for all expenses related to injuries and emergency care, including medical care and ambulance.
Locker rental begins at 6 a.m. the first Monday of fall, spring and summer semesters.

An assigned locker with lock may be rented at the Equipment Issue Desk on the lower level. Bring your PantherCard along with cash, check, PantherCash, or credit card (all major cards are accepted). Faculty or staff may pay via payroll deduction for ½ and full lockers. The lock remains the property of Recreational Services. Recreational Services is not responsible for items stored in a locker. Weapons may not be stored in lockers.

Locker Etiquette
Do not leave anything hanging from your locker that would impede another person’s access to their lock or locker. Do not leave unlaundered items in the locker that may create an odor.

Locker Renewal Period
Locker renewal periods will typically be the last three weeks of the semester with the last day being the last day of exam week. Those not wishing to renew should remove contents prior to the last day of the exam schedule.

Contents of lockers that are not renewed will be stored at the Equipment Issue Desk. The storage retrieval fee is $3. Unclaimed contents will be donated to charity 14 days after the last day of exams.

Day-use Lockers
Locker Room
Day-use lockers are available in the locker rooms at no cost. Members must provide their own locks and must remove them prior to the end of the day. Locks left on lockers after hours will be removed and contents stored at the Equipment Issue Desk for no more than 30 days. Unclaimed contents will be donated to charity. The storage retrieval fee is $3.

Exercise Room & Game Room
Day use lockers in the exercise room and game room are also available for use while in the Student Recreation Center. Items left in the locker at the close of business each day will be subject to a $3 retrieval fee. Items will be removed and contents stored at the equipment issue desk for no more than 30 days. Unclaimed contents will be donated to charity.

Georgia State University is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. Do not bring valuables to the facility. The Lost & Found is located at the Equipment Issue Desk. All “non-valuable” items will be held for 14 days, and then discarded. “Valuable items” will be turned over to the University Police, 404-413-2100. Always secure your belongings in a locked locker, even when in the shower. The recreation staff is not allowed to hold valuables for users.
Headphones must be used when listening to music, except for the following:

  • Groups with reservations and approval to have music in the approved activity space.
  • Drop in users in the studios and racquetball courts on a first come, first served basis.

You must use your own music playing device. Extension cords will not be provided. Staff may require patrons to turn music down or off if it is disrupting or interfering with facility operations or the ability of other patrons to use the facilities.

The PantherCard is the property of Georgia State University. It should be carried always and presented upon demand for identification. The PantherCard is non-transferable.

Misplaced or Lost
Members of Recreation who forget their PantherCard one time may access the SRC after signing a misplaced ID waiver at the Service Counter. A fee of $5.00 will be charged anytime thereafter during the same semester when a member forgets their PantherCard and desires to access the building.

If someone other than the person represented on the card presents it for access to any Recreation programs, facilities, or services, the card will be confiscated. The true PantherCard holder and the person using it falsely will have Recreation privileges terminated at least until the cardholder has met with the Operations Coordinator.

Only Recreational Services staff, in the course of their university employment, may provide personal training, sport instruction, fitness instruction, or coaching in any of our facilities.

Failure to observe this policy or attempts to circumvent it may result in university sanctions, including loss of privilege to use any Recreation program, service, or facility for both the person receiving instruction and the person giving instruction.

No pets or animals of any kind are allowed inside facilities or on Recreation property with the exception of working companion dogs for individuals who have a disability.
Filming or photography which captures the likeness of others without their permission, captures the University identity, or is intended to be used for personal financial gain is prohibited. Individuals or groups working on projects for a department or an academic class that would like to reserve an activity space in any Recreation facility must get pre-approval. If filming or photography is causing a disruption to activity or safety, you may be asked to stop and to seek pre-approval for a more appropriate time or location. Filming or photography is prohibited in the locker rooms and restrooms.
Smoking, smoking devices, e-cigarettes, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol in any form are prohibited in all recreational facilities.
Tours are available, circumstances permitting, by notifying personnel in the Administrative Office of the SRC. Groups may request a special tour by calling the office at 404-413-1750 at least one week prior to their visit. All facility tours for non-SRC members must be conducted by SRC staff.