Posted On August 28, 2017
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Students enrolled in the current semester who have paid their fees are automatically members. Memberships are available at the service counter located on the lobby level and are available to faculty, staff and degree holding graduates of Georgia State University. (Graduation will be verified.) Spouses and children of members may also purchase a membership. Memberships are not available to the general public.

Visit our Membership page for more information.

  • A government issued ID must be presented at time of purchase of membership.
  • All members must sign a waiver.
  • Membership includes access to the Student Recreation Center, Indian Creek Recreation Area and the ability to register for programs and services listed for members. All members must use biometric scanning or their PantherCard to enter and exit the turnstile area.
  • All membership policies will be reviewed annually.
  • Memberships may be purchased by the semester or annually. The earliest a membership may be renewed is the first day of the membership period.
  • Members may only register their children for programs that are specifically noted as being for children based on age requirements.

Membership Fees
Georgia State University reserves the right to adjust membership and guest fees as necessary.

Membership is included in student fees.
$252 per year or $84 per semester (payroll deduction available)
$306 per year or $102 per semester
$306 per year or $102 per semester

  • Available to spouse of current member (this would be verified each semester prior to the purchase and renewal of membership). Proof of relationship will be necessary (marriage certificate) prior to the purchase of membership. The spouse must accompany the member in order to sign-up for membership.
  • May use facilities anytime during open hours and does not have to be accompanied by the member; has the same guest privileges as regular members will be issued a PantherCard and must utilize this card for entering and exiting the building; lockers maybe available for semester or annual rental at the Equipment Issue Desk for a fee, day-use lockers are available at no charge.
  • Payroll deduction will be available as long as the faculty or staff member is also utilizing this same service (this is not available to a spouse of a student).
7 years of age and younger: free

8-17 years of age: $25.50 per semester per child membership

  • Memberships are only available to children of a member
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Children 7 and under are allowed only in the leisure pool.
  • Membership ID cards for children 8-17 will be prepared at the Service Counter.
  • Parents must present their ID card and the child must present their ID for entry. The parent or legal guardian of any child 17 or younger will be required to sign a waiver for the child at the Service Counter.
18-26 years of age: $51 per semester only. (Parent must be a current Recreation member).
  • Parent must accompany adult child in order to sign-up for membership.
  • Adult child is required to present a government issued photo id with proof of birth date each semester prior to the purchase and renewal of membership.
  • Adult child is required to sign a waiver at the Service Counter.
  • Adult child member is required to present their ID card for entry.
  • For equipment rental, locker rental or program registration, the parent’s ISO # will be used and the price will be the member rate.
Guest passes are not available at this time.
Faculty, staff & degree holding alumni may purchase a daily pass for $5.

  • Non-member Faculty/Staff must be currently employed by Georgia State.
  • Degree holding Alumni must have a degree from Georgia State (graduation will be verified).
  • Must present PantherCard for identification at the Service Counter.
  • Must have a waiver on file at the Service Counter.
  • The Daily Pass does not allow access to program registration or the ability to bring in a guest.