Recreational Services Debuts New Fall Events

Posted On January 4, 2018
Categories 2018 News

The Department of Recreational Services offered several fall events to get students and recreation members into the Halloween spirit! The first fall event, Pumpkin Splash, was held in the Student Recreation Center aquatic center on Saturday, October 14. Pumpkins of varying shapes, sizes and colors were placed in the leisure pool for “picking.” Children, students and parents were invited to swim into the floating pumpkin patch to search for the perfect pumpkin. Participants could choose up to two pumpkins and then visit the outdoor decoration stations on the patio. Stations were equipped with an assortment of craft supplies including paint, brushes, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and stickers. After customizing their pumpkins, participants enjoyed brownies, popcorn, apples and rice crispy treats.

Hocus Pocus became the third dive-in movie shown in the Student Recreation Center natatorium. The 1993 Disney classic, starring Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker, was shown to students and recreation members on October 16. Previous dive-in moves were Finding Nemo and Jurassic World. To explain the popularity of dive-in movies, Adam Penn, Aquatics Coordinator for the Department of Recreational Services, says, “dive-in movies offer a unique take on a traditionally passive activity. Instead of sitting around, movie watchers can grab an inner tube and float, bob, swim or tread water in the leisure pool while the film is projected onto a big screen against the wall.” Since the first dive-in movie was shown in 2016, the event has seen a tremendous growth in participation. “We had over one hundred students attend this year,“ says Penn. Keeping with the Halloween theme, Six Feet Under the Water, leftover Pumpkin Splash pumpkins were given to participants. Decoration stations and refreshment tables of candy, cookies and popcorn were set up on the patio. Smoke, spooky music and graveyard decorations completed the frighteningly fun atmosphere.

Haunted Heights & Escape the Night was a new fall event sponsored by Recreational Services’ outdoor program, Touch the Earth. Students and recreation members were invited to an outdoor “escape room” at Indian Creek Recreation Center on October 27. Participants were given thirty minutes to solve riddles and puzzles; for each successful solution, they received clues to help them “unlock” the room. Although the group didn’t unlock their room within the time limit, all the participants had a great time racing against the clock! “The escape night was really fun; we had students from different backgrounds and majors, so it was nice to be able to meet other students and connect with them,” says Georgia State University student Wil Donohue. He adds, “The escape was challenging, with a lot of false clues and tricky ploys to keep us guessing.” For even more thrills, participants could leap off the Pamper Pole. After donning proper safety harnesses and helmets, 15 adventure seekers climbed 30 feet to the top of the pole and leaped off in an effort to tag their prize, a suspended ball five feet away. After testing their nerve at the Pamper Pole and their ingenuity in the escape room, participants relaxed around a bonfire, drinking hot apple cider and roasting s’mores and hotdogs. Haunted Heights & Escape the Night was a great way to conclude the festive, fall events sponsored by the Department of Recreational Services.