Renovations Continue at Student Recreation Center

Posted On February 9, 2018
Categories 2018 News

Installation of new flooring in the Fitness Center was the completion of a renovation project that began last April.  New recycled rubber flooring was first installed in the Free-Weight Area on the lower level; the same flooring was installed in the Fitness Center over the winter break.   The project began in December and was completed before students returned to campus in January.  The rubber that comprises the floor material could come from many recycled rubber sources, including old tires or sneakers.  “The floor project in the Fitness Center gave us an opportunity to re-evaluate the power system to some treadmills and televisions,” says Jenny LeHigh, Assistant Director, Fitness.  When the old floor was removed, the power cords from four treadmills and televisions could be run under the new floor to a power outlet on a nearby wall.  Re-routing the cords, in addition to new stainless receptacle covers, creates a clean, less cluttered environment.

Renovations were also completed in the lower level locker rooms.  The ceramic tile for the shower floor in the men’s and women’s locker rooms was removed and a leveling concrete was added to assist with draining.  A new Dur-A-Flex epoxy floor system was installed over the concrete.  The new floor contains quartz sand to make it more slip resistant.  “Unfortunately, we’ve had some puddling issues with the new floor in the women’s showers,” says Allen Wilbanks, Assistant Director, Facilities.  He assures patrons that “the issue will be addressed soon so that the water will drain properly.”  In addition to new flooring, Hiny Hiders were installed in the locker rooms.  Hiny Hiders, a brand of commercial restroom partitions, will resist rust, dents, scratches and graffiti.  These new restroom stall doors and dividers will eventually be placed in all the Student Recreation Center restrooms.

In addition to previously scheduled restoration of the basketball court floor, a leaky water fountain lead to serious repair in the main gym.  “We planned on sanding, restriping, and sealing the gym floors in December,” explains Wilbanks.  In September, a water fountain on the third floor caused an entire basketball court to flood.   Repair to the damaged court was postponed until all the courts could be worked on at the same time.  A typical hardwood gym floor can last 30 to 40 years.  “This was the second time we have sanded our court; we’ll probably be able to sand it one or two more times before we have to replace the hardwood,” says Wilbanks.  In addition to the sanding and restriping of the basketball courts, a new contrasting wood stain was added inside the three-point line.  The darker stain and the Georgia State University flame add extra aesthetic appeal.   Also, switching to an oil-based finish will provide better durability than the previously used water-based finish.

Renovations will continue through the spring semester.  New flooring for the track, located on the upper level of the Student Recreation Center, will be laid in June.  In addition, all lights in the Student Recreation Center will be converted to LED.  Reconstruction on the information counter in the fitness center is slated to begin in March.  The new counter will have the same quartz counter and wood veneer as the recently installed service counter on the first floor.  Lastly, the domestic boilers and water tanks will be replaced with solar panels to augment the existing gas heat.