Judi Moss, Marketing Specialist, Retires after 26 Years with Recreational Services

Posted On April 5, 2018
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When asked what she will miss the most, Judi Moss promptly answered, “I’m going to miss working with a great team of peers.  They have been a blessing.”  Her coworkers have certainly missed Judi since March 30, her last day at the Student Recreation Center (SRC).  Judi began her employment with the Georgia State University Department of Recreational Services in 1992, under director Joe Krasezec.

Judi has seen many milestones while working for the Recreational Services department.  “As the university has grown, I’ve watched our department grow tremendously.”  Judi played an integral part in that growth.  Before the creation of the SRC, Recreational Services shared space in the Sports Arena with the Athletic department and the Kinesiology and Health department.  With the support of the Georgia State student body, a task force was formed to design a recreation center for the university community that did not cater to athletics or academic classes.  As Judi put it, “The students wanted their own space.”  A committee of students and Recreational Services staff members, including Judi, began taking “fam” trips, or trips to familiarize themselves with the trends, designs, and equipment used in other collegiate recreation centers.  “I got to fly around the country to tour other recreational facilities,” said Judi.  When the committee returned to Atlanta, they began the arduous task of turning an idea into a reality.

The first step was to present their building proposal to the Georgia State community.  To do this, Judi created the “Recreation on the Move” campaign, a brochure intended to inform students, faculty, staff and friends of the university about the proposed new recreation center.  Included in the “Recreation on the Move” brochure was facility information and recreation center facts.  After twenty months of construction, the SRC was completed. “To see it come into existence, after all the planning and research, was a great accomplishment,” said Judi.

Over the past two decades, the marketing field has drastically evolved, moving from clip art to digital signage and social media.  Judi could often be overheard saying, “Every day is a day at school.” It has been her team of student workers that have kept her challenged, invigorated, and always moving forward.  In fact, it was working with students that first attracted Judi to working at Georgia State University.  “They are my greatest accomplishment,” she says.  “I love to see my students mature, grow, and accomplish their goals.”

Judi’s future includes gardening, creative writing, and spending time with family.  She and her husband, JR, recently purchased a new house.  Famous for her green thumb, Judi will certainly have her new back yard “looking like something out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine before you know it,” says Danny Weipert, Judi’s longtime Recreation Services coworker.  Judi is also looking forward to spending more time with her three grandchildren, as well as dedicating more time to writing.  A fan of all types of creative writing, Judi has previously written a movie script and would like to start on another.  Recreational Services wishes Judi the best of luck in all her future endeavors, and we can’t wait to see her blockbuster on the big screen!