2020 News

My (Holiday) Plate

The holidays are here, and this means a time for eating and celebrating with family and friends. For holiday gatherings the food is usually plentiful, and it is easy to let your healthy eating habits fall to the wayside. Certainly don’t deny yourself your holiday favorites, just remember to incorporate them into a balanced plate.… more »

Staying Healthy at Home

While most of us have likely grown more accustomed to our current virtual way of life in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new semester brings new challenges. Balancing a schedule that may contain online, hybrid, or in-person classes, as well as work and other commitments, can be overwhelming and may cause you to lose… more »

How to Eat Plant-Based

What is Plant-Based? A Plant-based diet falls into the category of eating vegan/vegetarian. To eat plant-based means to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your everyday diet and not consume animal-based products. Plant-based meals have increased in popularity over the past few years, whether people are choosing to not eat animal products for health reasons,… more »

The Importance of Electrolytes

Summertime in the South means high temperatures and a lot of sweating. Whether you’re taking your workouts outside, or simply going on a mid-day walk, - sweat-inducing activities can not only make you lose water but electrolytes too. I’m sure you know by now how important it is to drink plenty of water during the… more »

COVID19 Nutrition and Immunity

With our normal lives uprooted with the stay at home order during this pandemic, it may be easy for people to put their nutrition and wellness goals on the backburner. However, in times like this, whether you are surrounded by your housemates or working from home, it is important to keep some health goals front… more »

SMART Goal Setting

The start of the new year takes us into a new semester, new ambitions, and, of course, a new and improved you! We all have hopes and aspirations as we set our new year’s resolutions, but it can be daunting as you wonder where to start. When done right, goal setting can be super easy… more »