Fitness Center

About the Program
The Fitness Center has served the Georgia State University community for over 30 years. The staff members are graduate students in the M.S. Exercise Science or related program. These professionals in training provide quality services at affordable prices while helping their clients achieve a healthy lifestyle.

How to Register
To speed up registration, download the forms to the left, complete them and bring them, along with a PantherCard, to Room 150, inside the exercise room. The forms of payment accepted are check, cash, credit card or PantherCash.

Session Guidelines
Personal training sessions include cardiovascular exercises, muscle strengthening and endurance exercises and flexibility exercises. Nutrition consultation sessions include discussions about dietary habits and goals for nutritional intake based on nutritional needs and within the scope of practice of the nutrition practitioner. Sessions can only include matters within the scope of practice offered by the Fitness Center staff and their respective programs and services. The Fitness Center reserves the right to make referrals out rather than provide services to clients when issues exceed the scope of available services and/or scope of practice of the practitioner.

Cancellations and Rescheduling
Canceling or rescheduling sessions requires at least 24 hours advance notice. If a 24 hours’ notice is not given, it will be considered a no show, and the session and cost of the session will be forfeited. A maximum of three cancellations, schedule changes or no shows will be allowed each semester. Sessions that have not begun 15 minutes past the scheduled start time due to client tardiness will be forfeited without a refund or rescheduling and will be counted as a no show. If more than three cancellations, schedule changes and no shows occur, any scheduled sessions in the current semester will be returned to the available session pool, and no more sessions can be scheduled until the following semester. Only three sessions may be carried forward one semester.

Refunds will be given for sessions if there is a documented medical issue that precluded provision of 24 hours notice of the need to cancel or reschedule. A refund will also be given if the scheduled sessions are returned to the session pool for administrative purposes.

Carrying Sessions Forward One Semester
A maximum of three sessions, consultations or tests may be carried forward for one semester (spring to summer, summer to fall or fall to spring). Any sessions not used by the end of the second semester will be forfeited.