Nutrition Consultations

Nutrition Packages

One hour nutrition consultation with two 30-minute follow up sessions; includes a food diary assessment, menu ideas and individualized nutrition related goal setting.

Current students: $15
Members: $20

To expedite the nutrition counseling registration process, please fill out the Nutrition Assessment form before coming to Room 150 to schedule.

Additional 30 minute nutrition counseling sessions can be added to any nutrition package.

Current students: $5
Members: $10

A fasting test showing how many calories your body needs in one day. Must have completed Starter Paws prior to purchasing.

Current students: $15
Members: $20

KorrTM ReeVue Indirect Calorimeter
The KorrTM ReeVue indirect calorimeter metabolic testing measures the oxygen that the body consumes. This test measures Resting Energy Expenditure (REE), which is how many calories the body needs at rest. This gives the precise caloric intake the body needs to gain, lose or maintain weight.

ReeVue metabolic test will be offered one to two mornings per week from 8 – 9 a.m. Days vary by semester. This test must be completed first thing in the morning in a fasted state. If someone is unable to come during the offered day and time, reasonable accommodations will be made if possible, but alternate availability is not guaranteed.

How long does the ReeVue Metabolic Test take?
The test itself will take 10 minutes, plus a short amount of time before and after for set-up (30 minutes total).

What does the test involve?004

  • Sit or recline in a comfortable position.
  • Breathe into a MetaBreather mouthpiece, and a nose clip ensures all the exhaled air is analyzed by the ReeVue.
  • Breathe normally with lips seals around the mouth piece.
  • Measurements will be recorded over the course of 10 minutes, after which the device will beep, indicating the test is finished.
  • RMR results are visible on the screen and can be printed out to take home.

What do I need to do the day of my test?
There are few things to remember before the test:

  • No exercise the day of testing
  • Avoid eating four hours prior to appointment (water is ok)
  • Avoid stimulants, such as caffeine