Each sport is designated in the name with the campus location. All students are eligible to participate in sports at any campus.

What are Intramurals?
Intramurals are scheduled competitive and recreational activities, where students and recreation members compete against other students and recreation members. Participants may choose from individual, dual or team activities. Male, female and coed divisions are offered for most of the sports. The facilities, most equipment and the officials are provided. The program offers league sports, which can last between three and six weeks, and tournaments, which last one or two days.

How Do I Get Involved?
There are three ways to participate in Intramurals.

  • Create or join a team. Teams are formed through common bonds or associations within the community of Georgia State University, such as friends, classmates, residence halls and campus organizations.
  • Play an individual or dual sport. Several sports are offered for just you or a partner to play, such as golf, racquetball, table tennis and billiards.
  • Sign up as a free agent. Participants who do not have a team can sign up on the free agent list and can be selected by captains of other teams.

Be sure to review the policies page for eligibility and contest guidelines.