Sport Clubs

Join a Club
All currently enrolled Georgia State University students are eligible to join a club. Faculty, staff and Perimeter students are also eligible to join a club but may be excluded from competitive play. Alumni are not eligible to join a club.

Steps to Join

  1. Contact the club: Prospective club members should contact the Coordinator before completing the online registration process. The coordinator will direct prospective members to their club of interest. Each club has established its own requirements regarding membership dues, fundraising and participation. It is important to learn as much about the club prior to registering online.
  2. Register Online: This process will take an average of 10-15 minutes to fully complete. Prospective club members will complete a section of personal information that is required to join a club. This information must be completed prior to engaging in any club activities. The Sport Clubs Participant Application must be renewed each academic year.
  3. Read the Handbook The Sport Club Handbook has been prepared to serve as a guide of the rules and procedures for club officers, advisors and club members. The guidelines contained within the handbook have been adopted to ensure the safety and interest of each participant.
  4. Participate: Prospective club members are now ready to participate in Sport Clubs.

Start a New Club
To start a new club or re-activate an inactive club, the Sport Clubs coordinator can assist you. Any student may form a new club if there are sufficient student interest and participation in the sport. There are several factors to take into consideration when forming a new club such as gaining interest, start-up costs, practice location, etc.

Download the New Sport Club Application to begin the process.

To set up an appointment to learn about the process, call 404-413-1924 or e-mail Competitive Sports.

Sport Clubs Affiliation Policy
Recreational Services reserves the right to refuse any club wishing to be classified as a sport club requiring extensive funding, facilities or resources involving high liability or risk factors.