Frequently Asked Questions

Sport Clubs at Georgia State University are recognized student organizations run by students that are geared toward competitive play. Each club has regular practice times and must have a regional method of competition.
Fun. Exercise. Friends. Lasting memories. Leadership opportunities. Learning a new sport. Continuing to play a sport at a collegiate level.
Intramurals have set leagues where students play games against other Georgia State University students. Intramurals provides the game schedule, facility space and officials to put on the organized games. Sport Clubs are student run organizations that compete against other colleges and universities in a similar sport. Sport Clubs provide organization for each of their club’s activities.
It is best to contact the club president for information on joining, dues, practices, etc. Please direct the inquiry to the Competitive Sports Coordinator, and the Sport Clubs coordinator will follow up with the requested club contact information. Please send all correspondences from a Georgia State University email account.
Sport Clubs start practicing the second week of the fall and spring semesters. The clubs accept participants from all skill levels throughout the school year. For a participant to be recognized as an official member of the club, he or she must complete the Participant Agreement of IM Leagues. The club will provide instructions on how to sign up on IM Leagues. Sport Clubs do not have organized activity during the summer months.
Sport Clubs govern their own semester or annual dues. The factors that can determine a set of dues for a club can be the club constitution, club leadership or the expenses incurred for the specific sport. Georgia State allocates a semester budget to a club through student activity fees funds managed by Recreational Services.
All currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to join a club and practice and compete for that club. Faculty, staff and alumni can also join a sport club and participate in practices provided they have a Recreation membership. Faculty, staff and alumni are not eligible to participate in club competitions. Sport Clubs are also to follow their sport’s governing sanction bodies on specific enrolled hours requirements for participation eligibility.
Sport Clubs are governed by Recreational Services and are recognized student organizations of Student Involvement. See the current clubs on the website. To form a new club, the first step is to fill out the New Sport Club Application. Once completed, schedule a meeting with the Competitive Sports Coordinator. If during the meeting with the Sport Clubs coordinator the proposed new club is deemed to meet the parameters of a sport club, then the organizing group will need to complete the new student organization process on OrgSync.

  • Must have a minimum of five students to start the club.
  • Cannot duplicate the style of an existing sport club at Georgia State University or conflict with other program(s) offered within Recreational Services at Georgia State University.
  • Must have the method of competition within a reasonable geographic area.
  • Competition must be the initiative of starting the sport club.
  • Must have provisions of longevity and growth.
  • Must fulfill a student need.
  • Must have suitable on-campus and off-campus facilities where the club can meet, practice and potentially host competitions.
  • Must be financially self reliant and operate that way.