Sports Club


The resources provided are valuable tools and will make managing a sport club more efficient and consistent. Anyone who does not see a document that is needed or out of date should inform Ty Verdin, Sport Clubs coordinator.

Club Management

Sport Clubs Handbook
Current edition packet of information concerning the program policies and procedures

Handbook Changes for 2017-2018
Summary of the changes to the handbook from last year's edition.

Accident Report
Report for documenting a club participant injury

Advisor Responsibilities
Outlines the responsibilities of a club advisor

Apparel Guidelines
Guidelines of obtaining approval for club apparel

Calendar with Important Dates
Important dates of club meetings and form deadlines for the academic year

Coach Information
Required packet of information for clubs that have coaches to complete per academic year

Driver Penalty System
Detailed outline of penalties of improper driving of departmental vehicles

Emergency Contact List
Important contact information for Recreational Services

End of Semester Wrap-Up
Mandatory form to be submitted by each club documenting their activity for the current semester

GPS Device Acknowledgement and Agreement
All drivers of departmental vehicles must acknowledge the presence of the GPS device installed in the vehicle

Marketing Guidelines
Process of obtaining approved club marketing materials

New President Information Packet
Outlines the major policies from the handbook for new or incoming club presidents

New Sport Club Application
Students wishing to start a new sport club must submit this application

Officer Positions and Duties
Describes the proposed cabinet of officers for a club and the descriptions for those positions

Photo Contest
Rules of the semester Photo Challenge Contest

Registration Instructions for IMLeagues
Step by step process of completing the IMLeagues registration process

Student Center Reservations
Instructions on how to reserve space in the Student Center

Van Certification Procedure
Outlines process for becoming van driver certified

Uniform Guidelines
Explains the guidelines of an approved club uniform or jersey

Financial Information

Account Setup Instructions
Instructions on setting up a club off campus account and also explains how the club can obtain an EIN # for the account

Budget Proposal
Mandatory form to be submitted by each club which documents the club’s proposal for funds for the upcoming semester

Budget Proposal Instructions
Instructions on completing the Budget Proposal Form

Direct Deposit Setup
Instructions on a club setting up direct deposit with the university to receive reimbursements directly into their club account

Donation Form
Clubs need to submit the information of the donor and donation when receiving a donation

Fundraising Proposal
Clubs need to submit when proposing a fundraising idea or event

Georgia Tax Exempt
Official tax id and exempt form for Georgia State University

National Travel Fund Process
Outlines process for clubs requesting extra funding to attend national or outside the region events

Receipt Template
Required information needed for an adequate receipt to receive a reimbursement and can also be serve as a receipt template when one cannot be produced

Sponsorship Proposal
Clubs need to submit when proposing a sponsorship opportunity

Practice Policies

Student Recreation Center
Policies for clubs practicing at the Student Recreation Center facility

Policies for clubs practicing and/or hosting competitions at the Panthersville facility

MLK Facility
Policies for clubs practicing at the MLK Practice facility


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