Touch the Earth

Touch the Earth, Recreational Services' outdoor recreation program, offers a wide variety of experiences designed for all skill levels and led by a team of experienced volunteer trip leaders. In most cases, equipment, transportation, meals while in the field, leadership and logistical planning are provided. Unless stated, absolutely no prior experience is required.

To further advance the outdoor education mission, Recreational Services has provided a list of online resources to help expand knowledge of activities available to experience the natural world.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Develop Community - Learners will cultivate interpersonal connections. Community building will be achieved through shared experiences connected to nature and the welcoming environment we create.
  • Attain Technical Skills – Learners will gain skills and confidence to engage in outdoor recreation. Skill development will emphasize experiential learning, self-efficacy, and stewardship.
  • Foster Transference - Learners will realize the correlation between experiences in outdoor recreation and their day-to-day life. Through the use of metaphor, reflection, and debriefing; learners will appreciate that the skills needed in outdoor recreation are the same skills needed to thrive in one’s academic, professional and personal life.
  • Touch The Earth is an Educational Partner of the Center for Leave No Trace Ethics and strives to educate users on the value of outdoor spaces and works to minimize our impact.