Challenge Program

Program Request Form 

What is the Challenge Program?
The Challenge Program offers people innovative ways to improve their abilities when working with others. This learn-by-doing approach focuses on creative problem solving and effective communication. Join us for a day of fun experiences that will activate inner resources, increase trust, and enhance group cohesion. Each program is tailored to meet the needs of the group. The team of facilitators has experience with clubs, office units, social organizations, and corporate groups. Eligible users are limited to Georgia State University registered student organizations and departments.

Where is the program facilitated?
The lodge and outdoor ropes course are located in the Indian Creek Recreation Area off South Indian Creek Drive. Team building sessions can also be conducted on any of the Georgia State campuses.

How do I schedule?

  • Submit a request via the online form
  • Reserve date at least 3 weeks in advance
  • Make final payment at least 10 days in advance to avoid cancellation
  • Confirm all details no later than two weeks in advance

A minimum of a 10-person charge is required and the maximum is 30.

How much does it cost?

  • Registered Student Organizations
    • 2-hour event: $10/person
    • Half-day (low elements only) event: $12/person
    • Half-day (high elements) event: $16/person
    • Full-day event: $30/person
  • Departments
    • 2-hour event: $15/person
    • Half-day (low elements only) event: $18/person
    • Half-day (high elements) event: $20/person
    • Full-day event: $40/person

If bringing in food/catering during our programming, additional fees may be assessed based on the potential impact on the staff.

Ropes Course 
The ropes course consists of group initiatives and high and low team-building elements. The high ropes course is over 130 feet long and has two levels topping out 38 feet above the ground. As participants progress through the course, they are challenged by completing up to six elements that they confront with a variety of facilitator-directed challenges. Exiting the course consists of five different methods to swing, leap, tumble or zip line. The three zip lines off the course total nearly 1,000 feet long and also introduce to the course a large mid-zip platform 50 feet high in a giant sweetgum tree overlooking Snapfinger Creek.

The low ropes course consists of 13 individual elements located throughout the property and serves as a great way for groups to come together and target developmental skills and collaboration. The challenges call upon every member of the group to participate and offer endless opportunities for self-discovery.

Special Programs
We now offer special Rappel the Rec programming at the Student Recreation Center! Teams can rappel off the side of the SRC from 1-3 stories in height. Available for groups 30 and under, available in 2-5 hour programs.