What do previous users have to say about their experience using the Challenge Program?

The ultimate proof of the success of this program was walking into class the next day, and looking at all my classmates in a completely different light. They were no longer just people filling a chair in the classroom, they were now my friends, people I can talk to, trust and depend on. The immediate laughs and conversation that is present when waiting for class to start in comparison to the awkward silence that used to fill the room, is a direct reflection of the major impact and contribution that this program has had over the success of this class and the success of us as students.

I really enjoyed it... it encouraged you to challenge yourself and try new things even if it scares you.

Overall, I enjoyed the Ropes Course and wish that other students could have the same opportunity as I did to participate in it. The Rope Course helped me to build new relationships with my classmates and learn to trust people more.

You have to gain sureness in yourself during these activities, and you will discover your weaknesses and fears.

I tried something new and loved it.

Ok, I expected to have fun, just not that much fun...Lydia had a calm spirit and asked thought provoking questions, which made it easier to share our opinions with the group. There were many lessons I recognized that parallel to life and business.

This was an amazing experience.

Amanda, Alex, and Garrett were AWESOME! They gave clear directions and motivated me to try new things. They were very encouraging, and I would most definitely recommend them for anything and any age group.

I enjoyed the games so much that I didn't want them to end!

I really enjoyed it. It encourages you to challenge yourself and try new things even if it scares you.

Overall I think this retreat was a great way to learn life skills in a fun way (instead of sitting in a classroom) using tacit learning while making friends. I wish more classes had the opportunity to learn like this!

It not only met our expectations but far surpassed them...it really did open our eyes, touch our hearts and turn us around. Seriously though, it really got us out of our comfort zones and gave us opportunities to learn more about us as individuals and as a group. Besides the learning experiences, it was a blast...even though I was scared out of my wits. It was a great way to start our week and really to help us work together as a group.