Climbing Wall & Bouldering Cave

Try climbing anytime! No certification required. Bring a PantherCard. All equipment is provided. A PantherCard is also needed to check out climbing shoes at the equipment desk. Please store large personal belongings in cubbies located outside the climbing wall.

Bouldering Cave
The cave has both vertical and horizontal overhanging terrain. Any skill level may use it in a “no ropes” bouldering format. It is located across from racquetball court #4 adjacent to the Climbing

Belay Certification Clinics
Includes belay skills, policies and procedures, and a written and practical test. Certification is valid for one year. Register 24 hours in advance at the TTE front desk. Clinics will be held every other Tuesday & Wednesday, 6 - 8:30 p.m.
Cost:  $2, $4, $6

Certification Challenge & Renewal
For certification renewal, you can demonstrate practical skills to the on-duty climbing supervisor at no cost. Experienced climbers may take the written and practical tests without the clinic. Certification is valid for one year. By appointment only.
Cost:  $4,  $6

Children ages eight to 18 may use the climbing wall when accompanied by their parent/guardian. Any climber 14 years or older may qualify to become a belayer after the appropriate lessons/examination. Children under 14 are designated as "Climber Only" and cannot belay other patrons.

Lead Climbing
Experienced climbers may lead climb routes during normal hours. You must follow the designated lead route. Ask about a Lead Climbing Certification Clinic to certify or challenge out. You must
prove significant belay experience before taking the Lead Climbing Clinic.
Cost: $8, $10

Climbing Wall & Bouldering Cave